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03 Live Service

At that time it was the Yamaha PM 3000 mixer, an analog mixer that for better or for worse wrote the streak of many concerts of the time… a photo below.

03 Live Service was born from a great passion of its founder (Andrea Vicentin) for music and for all the technical part that takes place behind a live show.

We are back in the year 1995 when for the first time my father takes me to see a concert by Nomadi (a famous and historical Italian band), my father and I were exactly next to the Front of the House station where the sound engineer and the technicians managed the whole stage including lights and audio.

Throughout the concert I was fascinated by that bench full of buttons and cranks that I was attentive to any movement that the technician made on that bench that I didn’t know what it was for.

From there a great passion for audio was born. When I was older, I began to take my first steps with small local bands, bars and small events. Then as the years went by, I had the dream of one day being able to have my own company for shows. Working hard during the school holidays I was able to buy my first mixer a Mackie 24 channels made in USA, I was very happy… (still in my possession).

03 Live Service

03 Live Service was born later at the beginning with the name of T.A.S (Technical Audio Service). In 2003 I decided that I would dedicate my life to doing what I have always loved to do, a year that certainly brought about a great change in me and from which 03 Live therefore took its name (03).

In 2009 the purchase of my first professional mixer, a Yamaha M3000 40 Ch.

03 Live Today is a company located in the beautiful West Palm Beach (Florida) and as a large inventory of technology which, together with our technicians and 20 years of experience, will help you realize the event you have always dreamed of.

An important thanks goes to my wife Diana, Alionys, for all the Marketing support, Jorge Mario, for the technical part, Dayron for the artists, and to all my Team for the support and hard work……

Special thanks also go to:

Fabio Cecchetto – Always a friend.

Matteo Castegnaro – Great bassist and friend.